Friday, October 26, 2012

The end of our cruise

Thursday 25 October – Bangkok (Laem Chabang), Thailand

We arrived in Laem Chabang at 0400 and disembarked at 0915.

Our cruise from Alaska took in over 8,500 nautical miles or 17,638km at speeds ranging from 21.3 Knots from Whittier to Muroram (Japan) to 11.5 Knots from Nagasaki to Shanghai.

Of the ports/cities we visited, Beijing clearly was the most impressive for us.  Nagasaki ranked up there as did our second visit to Shanghai.  The transit in Victoria Harbour for the Hong Kong light show was special.

The cruise itself was most enjoyable – doing things we don’t do at home (reading included) and not doing those things we do at home.  It was very much like a resort but with a different port every so often.  We met some interesting people (including our dinner partners from Texas, & the Maitre d’ who accommodated our table requirements especially at breakfast and met some staff whom we had met before).

BangkokWe took the Princess transfer (two hours) to the Ramada Hotel, then we went by taxi to the Shangri-La Hotel on the river.  New suitcases were required so we strolled out through the markets to the local Department Store.  Then cocktails were complimentary and dinner was by the river at Salathip restaurant (incl. Thai dancers).  And of course the river traffic was beautiful.

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