Monday, October 15, 2012

Shanghai revisited

Saturday 13 October – At Sea

A relaxing day at sea, a refresher port talk on Shanghai, dinner at Sabatini’s, and some music trivia.
Sunday 14 October – Shanghai, China 0700-1800

Unlike our first visit, we arrived on time, there was less fog/smog on the way up river so visibility improved, and we had a great day with a much greater appreciation for the city.  We also got to see the location of downtown relative to the port as we sailed away after sunset (we could see the lights of the city in the distance).

Our day started with a shuttle ride to The Bund, a viewing of the Pudong office towers across the river, a short walk to Nanjing (shopping) Road, then we strolled the full length of Nanjing Road to People’s Square/Park.  An early success with Joy finding the Silk King store (or rather one of them) and making some acquisitions.  After a department store visit, we found an 8th floor restaurant for a lunch stop of sour & sweat pork with rice and tea.  Across, under & over roads to Yan’an (elevated, double) Road, the Shanghai Museum (did not enter) and the older town.  We walked along parts of the old town back to (near the end of) The Bund then along the road to the Shuttle Stop near the beginning of The Bund admiring the architecture of the heritage commercial banks/buildings.  We called into The Peninsular where high tea was in full swing.

A full, energetic day in Shanghai and an early night after the show (I Got The Music)!

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