Sunday, September 23, 2012

Changing ships but a delayed departure

Anchorage – Saturday 22 September

This morning our big bags were collected, and we checked into the Hospitality Centre downtown for the shuttle to Whittier.  A 1pm Shuttle was allocated to us.

We then had a list of shopping items and a coffee/brunch to attend to.

The weather in Anchorage was fine but started to get cooler as the morning progressed.  Our shuttle experienced significant wind and much rain on the 75 minute journey to Wittier.

All aboard was 4.30pm but some stragglers delayed the commencement of the cruise.  Later the winds freshened to 40 knots (Force 4) and as at the time of writing (10.30 or six hours later) we remain alongside.

Our dinner table is well located and we enjoyed tonight’s meal and Welcome Aboard show.  So far we have not met anyone we know!

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