Thursday, September 27, 2012

In the middle of a big ocean

At Sea – Sunday 23 September

We left our mooring at around 0615 almost 14 hours behind schedule.

Breakfast then a haircut & future appointments made.

Today we took in presentations on “Bad Science in Movies” and “The Great Wall and the Middle Kingdom”.  Most of the latter was new to us and the presenter kept our interest.

While the weather/ship movement was mild to us, it seems that dinner was less well attended.
At Sea – Monday 24 September

This morning we had sailed 536 miles from Whittier (in abt 24 hours) and 2,579 remained to our first port of call.  It seems we are catching up on the schedule.  Currently about to pass the tip of the Alaskan Peninsular and head towards the Aleutian Islands.

Of the 2,300 passengers 330 are Australian.  1,300 USA 500 Canada plus some Germans, Chinese, Japanese, & Taiwanese.

The outside temperature ranged from 5.8 this morning to 11 at its peak.

Our China presentation today was on “The Objects of Pleasure – Tea, Silk, Porcelain, Chopsticks, Jade”.  The presenter wife of yesterday’s lecturer was not as interesting.

“Do You Wanna Dance” was the Production Show on this first formal night.

We looked in on the Glenn Miller tribute in Club Fusion and were fascinated that those dancing were mainly Asian.
At Sea – Tuesday 25 September

So far we have been chasing calmer water along the shoreline rather than the more direct route.  This morning we are on the north side of the Aleutian Islands and later we will cross to the south side re-joining the original planned route.  We will also cross the International Dateline.

The quest to arrive in Japan on time sees us travelling most of the time at top speed to be 1037nm from Whittier with 2,082nm to go.

This morning we have blue sky and patchy clouds – the best since Whittier but still only 7.2C; the sea temperature 6.8C

We took in another lecture on Japan, had a light lunch, went to questions with the port lecturer. And then it was time for dinner, a show (hypnotist), and a game.
At Sea – Thursday 27 September

A sunny day with mainly blue sky this morning in the middle of the Pacific ocean, about in the middle of our journey to Japan.  1,560 nautical miles done with 1,559 to go.  Sea conditions are ‘rough’. Sea temperature is 6.0C and the air temperature 6.4C.  The weather forecast for our first port (Muroran for Sapporo) is 5-23C

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