Thursday, September 27, 2012

27 September

At Sea – Thursday 27 September

DSC_3783A sunny day with mainly blue sky this morning in the middle of the Pacific ocean, about in the middle of our journey to Japan.  1,560 nautical miles done with 1,559 to go.  Sea conditions are ‘rough’. Sea temperature is 6.0C and the air temperature 6.4C.  The weather forecast for our first port (Muroran for Sapporo) is 5-23C

[The photo is of the Aleutian Islands as we left them last evening.]

‘Rough’ needs definition – it really is not rough.  The swell is up to 4m and there is some movement of the ship from port to starboard but it is quite acceptable.  In fact it was worse a day or so ago when the movement was greater – we just followed the movement when walking; there has also been movement up and down the waves from aft to forward which was accompanied by ‘creaking’.

During the day, the seas improved to ‘slight’.  We also had our first sunset (or for that matter, sunrise) this cruise.

Today we took in the port lecture on Muroran (for Sapporo), the China presentation on the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven (which we will see), and the Summer Palace (which we will not see), and the wine tasting.

Our special dinner tonight was in Sabatini’s.

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